Parau Festival 🗓 🗺

WHAT? Parau Festival   WHEN? October 1-12, 2017   WHY? TO SHOWCASE THE CULTURE AND HERITAGE OF PILAR The Lucrative Manila Acapulco Galleon trade in the 1600's resulted to the establishment of one of the biggest and important shipyards in Bagatao Island, now Magallanes. But being as island, the Bagatao shipyard suffered from raids and was destroyed continue reading : Parau Festival 🗓 🗺

Senior Citizen’s Day 🗓 🗺

WHAT? Senior Citizen's Day   WHEN? October 7, 2017   WHY? Its a yearly gathering for all senior citizen. Pilar - 26 Sep 28° 28° Light Rain 28° Wed Thu Fri Sat LATEST NEWS Sample NewsSample News EVENTS Parau Festival 🗓 🗺Senior Citizen’s Day 🗓 🗺